“Dr. Ron, THE DENTAL COACH is one of the best investments I have made for myself; my practice; and my life. Should you choose to engage him as your coach the return on your investment will be beyond your wildest dreams.”

Fred S. Hecht, DDS


Dental Contact Coaching™

This is a Rigorous program and not for the faint of heart. The process is intentionally designed for those doctors and teams who want to make their office more profitable, more patient-centered, and more fun.

You receive an interactive, high-participation experience for all members of the team…including the doctor who gets to participate rather than lead.  How can you conceivably take your business and a team of people into the coming year without a roadmap?

To learn more about the possibilities and to discover if coaching is right for you, click here for Dr. Ron’s bio, or contact Dr. Ron via email.

Dental Contact Coaching™ Includes:

  1. Private Coaching Calls: Two private, pre-scheduled 60-minute coaching calls each month. Each call is interactive, highly individualized, and accountability-based.
  2. Goal Tracking: Monthly Goal Tracking & Reporting of YOUR declared objectives and comparing them to YOUR current outcomes.
  3. Financial Review: Monthly Review of diagnostic Financial Statements to determine real-time profitability, indicate areas in need of immediate attention, and development of strategies to enhance income.
  4. Monthly Analysis: Monthly analysis of Dr. Ron’s Client Practice Statistics (Financial Dashboard) including those practice numbers that are critical to the operation of a highly profitable dental business.
  5. Group Mastermind Calls: One 90-minute Monthly Group Goal Review Mastermind call that is recorded and links for future listening provided.
  6. Private Email Support: VIP email access for ongoing support.
  7. Review & Comments: Review & Comment on submitted documents such as newsletters; agreements; spreadsheets; position descriptions; team meeting outlines
  8. Staff Access to “Spot” Coaching: (Limited to 2 calls/month) for those “interesting” challenges that faces every dental office and there is a need for a “listener”.
  9. Access to Dr. Ron’s storehouse: Rapid and liberal access to Dr. Ron’s word-document storehouse of information.
  10. Floss Your Mind™: Newsletter Subscription on line.
  11. Personalized Book Selections: Personalized book selections to enhance personal & professional growth as selected by Dr. Ron for each client.
  12. Mastermind Book Review: Monthly Book Review Mastermind call with interested clients.
  13. Invitation to Turkey Night: a Personal Invitation to Turkey Night & “possible” Saturday 1/2 day educational retreat…or call it an annual retreat.
  14. Annual agreement required.

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