Coaching is promoted worldwide by expert leaders as a powerful and effective tool for assisting business owners in achieving professional goals. Fortune 1000 companies use professional coaches to transform their organizations, and I use coaching to transform client’s dental practices. Professional coaches work with their clients to identify areas for improvement, formulate a plan of action and work to create results on a consistent basis. Coaching is an action-oriented process. In addition to developing and enhancing skills, clients can also expect to receive training, guidance, growth, and motivation.

However, most dentists equate consulting with coaching. Au, contraire! Dental coaching is so much more than plain old consulting. Professional Dental Coaching is a highly-personalized approach for helping dentists improve their professional and personal lives. To learn about the additional benefits of my unique and popular, Full Contact Coaching Program, click here.

While most dentists hire a coach to work on their overall practice management strategy, other laser topics to work on together include:

  • Leadership and team building
  • Managing competing responsibilities and challenging goals
  • Relationship building – between staff and patients
  • Personal branding
  • Communication skills
  • Overcoming a career slump or planning for a practice transition
  • Personal development
  • Creating a financial picture for economic success

Think Dental Coaching is for you? I offer a complimentary, no-obligation opportunity to experience coaching first-hand. To arrange such an opportunity, contact me.