You CAN predict your future!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Have you ever participated in a gathering, an event or had a “connection” that was so magnanimous that the likelihood of ever repeating or recreating it seems impossible. Well, that’s what happened last weekend at my annual client gathering in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Eagles, as you know, are powerful, visionary and solitary birds. However, they rarely congregate. Yet, when they do it’s called Convocation.

Accordingly we had a remarkable 2-day Eagle’s Convocation that was powerful in so many ways. In addition to creating a “safe place” to share challenges both personally and professionally; we laughed, supported one another, offered up collective solutions and developed a deeper appreciation for our commitment to care for the overall health of the patients we serve.

An additional focus of our Eagles Convocation was for me to coach my clients through a process where we did a “premortem” of their individual business plans that each had crafted and presented to our Mastermind group over the past 9 months. Not only have most dentists never written a Simplified Business plan in their entire career, most have never applied a strategic planning process to help them dramatically increase the success of meeting or exceeding their plan.

In our “premortem” exercise, they were charged with thinking about what they wanted to happen in their professional life…and then imagine their efforts FAILED! We then tapped into “group-think” to figure out what each doctor should have done differently to achieve his or her intended outcomes. Since a premortem is the hypothetical opposite of a postmortem and it comes at the beginning of a project rather than at the end, each doctor was able to determine how his or her plan could be improved rather than autopsied.

The results of this exercise, in addition to being incredibly powerful, opened business owners to blind spots, possibilities, solutions, and a greater sense of what their individual futures could look like.

growing a dental practice

I have reminded my clients that if you are constantly looking back (postmortem), chances are pretty good you’ll fall into a hole ahead.


  1. Fred S Hecht says:

    An amazing gathering of EAGLES with a FANTASTIC coach Ron. We are all sucessful thanks to the guidance of Ron and his advise . Thank you FRed