Practicing Excellence in your Dental Practice

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Business VisionIn a recent ‘Real-Life Customer Service’ blog, I outlined clear signals of poor customer service. If you missed it, please review it here and then ask yourself: “What is the possibility that similar ones happen in your office?” No, not your office? Perhaps a friend’s office then?

  1. When someone arrives or needs to use the restroom, do you tell them to walk down the hall, around the corner and it’s the 3rd door on the left OR do you escort them to the restroom and wait to bring them back to where they need to be? Just a question.
  2. When a guest arrives to have their crown seated, what do you do if the crown has not been delivered from the lab?
    • Scream?
    • Fire your chairside assistant?
    • Apologize and go do a hygiene check?
    • Recognize “we” dropped the ball, apologize, and offer a solution that may include rescheduling at their convenience along with a $25 Starbucks gift certificate?
  3. When you ask your guest how their visit went and they reply, “It was okay,” what do you do?
    • Ask them what you could do that would make them feel “extremely satisfied”?
    • Thank them and go onto your next patient/guest?
    • Postulate in your mind they are just a typical “whiner”?
    • Do nothing?

I believe the implications are HUGE for your business and the success of your team. Paying attention to the visual and auditory cues is what will help you deliver service excellence and set you apart from the average office.

“Life is like a game of tennis. The person who serves well seldom looses.” – Unknown

Who will you serve this week? What will you do? How will it make them feel?

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