Showing Gratitude in your Dental Practice and Life

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental practice work life balanceHow do you BRAG about your team or what YOU do to take care of your patients, your family, and your friends? God forbid we say or do something that is not PC (Politically Correct)!!!


  • Thank you, Denise, for taking a strong position on our practice Value of not lying about submitting dates on Mrs. Smith’s dental treatment…even though she is pissed you wouldn’t change them. I want to BRAG about you!
  • Dr. Della Bella, with your permission, I want to share with the dental world how you are turning your Morning Huddles into fun playgrounds. I want to BRAG about you!
  • Zel Ostro, the kinds of special poems and phrases you share with others has a way to make their day better. I want to BRAG about you!
  • Dr. Pavicic, how you have trained graduating dental students at the Case College of Dental Medicine to be prepared for their future by telling them the truth is worth BRAGGING about!
  • Debbie, at Dr. Valo’s office, what you have done to keep everything together during some really tough times is REALLY worth BRAGGING about!
  • Aunt Brenda, the way you have been a guardian to our two daughters is more than remarkable. I want to BRAG about you!

Do you get the “drift”?

Silent gratitude isn’t worth very much to anyone.” Why not Brag about someone today?

So, to make your business or practice look different, why not look for the good in other people and tell them what you see?

Want more? If you really want to learn and care…Simply ask me for more.

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