Play a Little Everyday

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Think about all of the fun toys we got to play with in Kindergarten: marbles, Play-Dough, jacks. Teachers brought in fun snacks and encouraged us to play games. Our teachers used those things to get us thinking and learning. The three strategies they used to get us kids moving are the same ones you can use: Toys, food and games!

The purpose of Dental CEOs holding Morning Huddles or monthly meetings is  to encourage the team to work together and gain creative ideas for the practice.I’ve found through my years of coaching as THE DENTAL COACH© that the most productive meetings are almost always informal, creative and fun while being productive.

  1. Toys: Encourage creativity and collaborative thinking by bringing in Silly Putty or Play-Dough, balls and puzzles into your Morning Huddles. These toys keep the hands busy and the mind free, which is conducive to a creative, productive and proactive environment.
  2. Food: Because, well, you have to fuel the brain!
  3. Games: Games unify the team and encourage collaboration. They are also easy to play in conference and meeting rooms. Tip: Start each meeting off with a 5-10 minute game. It breaks the ice and loosens everyone up; removing any negativity in the room.

Ultimately, what makes your team meetings or Morning Huddles the most productive is the participation of your team. We’ve all experienced boring team meetings where the lighting is graining, the topics are boring and everyone is just twiddling their thumbs. Engage in the above tips and see what creative ideas that your team comes up with for your dental practice.

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