Persistent Consistency in Service!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

While wintering in Arizona, I engaged a personal training service to help me reduce my “pudge” and increase my strength.

The owner reminded his members that his facility was different from others: it was well maintained and clean. The first 14 visits of my pre-paid 22 visits were met with the owner and facility being very professional and clean, all the equipment was working perfectly and the restrooms were spotless. Short of my “robust” tummy, those 14 visits were met with a very positive “image.”

However, on the 15th visit, I discovered that one of the treadmills had a taped sign that said “Out of Order.” No big deal I thought. However, it remained there for the next six visits. I then noticed on the last two visits the bathroom was untidy, rubbish not emptied and a less-than sanitary sink. NOT GOOD! My initial perception of a persistently consistent experience in this gym was replaced with disappointment and displeasure.

Mr. Duke HorniaOn the other hand, I have had the opportunity to dine nearly a half-dozen times at a wonderful restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, called Mastro’s Ocean Club. I have come to expect the most personalized and exceptional service EVERY TIME I visit.

Because of many client visits to our winter home, we had the opportunity to take guests to the Ocean Club twice in two weeks and be served by Mr. Duke Hornia, CS. This man demonstrated PERSISTENT CONSISTENCY with every visit. My clients and I were made to feel like we were the only folks he had to serve; his smile was from ear to ear and his care and concern for our every need was anticipated in advance. Everything, including the restrooms, were spotless and as I had experienced from the very first time.

Thanks to Duke, I know what excellence and consistency in service looks like. Next time you are in Scottsdale and want a superb dining experience, ask for Duke at the Ocean Club. He demonstrated that our behavior speaks louder than our intentions.

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