Are You a Perfect Dentist?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental CEOs, are you a perfect dentist?
Dental CEOs do a lot of finger-pointing these days. Can you imagine what it would be like; if instead, we all would lend a hand?

What if we found solutions, instead of finding fault? What if we realized “the buck stops here,” instead of passing the buck all the time?

Leaders are expected to be visionaries and have all the answers. What would it be like — as a leader of your firm — to simply say “I’m sorry” when you didn’t meet expectations?

I’ve discovered through my mistake-ridden career, that when I apologized for an oversight or a poor choice, I feel liberated. Others tell me it’s a mark of maturity. What do you think?

As a dentist, the expectation is to be perfect – at all things, at all times. Where did that come from? Our DNA or our training?

I learned that I am not perfect at all times. But it almost killed me trying. (See my book: Killing the Practice Before It Kit Kills You: How Throwing Out My Business Model Saved My Life).

Perhaps it’s time for us to laugh at ourselves, and move on from being perfect.

Now, go out and take really great care of your patients, support your team, and make a difference in the world.

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