How Many People Work in your Customer Service Department?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Setting Dental Staff Accountability
How many people work in your “customer service” department? Answer: EVERY employee in your organization!

In our dental practices, what happens if we are having an “off” day like the one described in my last post? What can it mean to our business? Just one “distinctive customer service” slip and we find ourselves not so distinctive. I offer the following story (author unknown and I’d love to give him/her credit) as a compelling reminder…..

The Voice of The “Nice” Customer
You know me; I’m a nice person. When I get lousy service, I never complain. I never kick. I never criticize and I wouldn’t dream of making a scene.

I’m one of those nice customers. And I’ll tell you what else I am. I’m the customer who doesn’t come back. I take whatever you hand out, because I know I’m not coming back. I could tell you off and feel better, but in the long run, it’s better just to leave quietly.

You see, a nice customer like me, multiplied by others like me, can bring a business to its knees. There are plenty of us. When we get pushed far enough, we go to one of your competitors.

Why not take an “inventory” or your service quotient in your business. How close is your service reality to the perception of your patients/customers/guests?

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