Pay Competitively – There Is A War Going On!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

A Simple Math Solution for a High Performing Dental Team
The pool of candidates for dental office positions is decreasing, you know that. What can you do?

Be creative in offering benefits. In an earlier post, I spoke about other options in addition to healthcare benefits. What else can you offer? Flexible scheduling can mean a lot to a working mother and educational benefits are attractive for a young, motivated staff member.

Create long-term partnerships with employees through pay-for-performance systems. Focus your pay efforts on measurable outcomes and performance improvement. The better the employee performs, the bigger their paycheck is. Clearly outline this pay structure and review in your annual evaluations.

Determine the competitive wage range for each position in your office. Call other dental colleagues and ask business owners in other healthcare professions to describe their compensation package. If this is impossible, do a Google search or visit a website like

Survey your team to discover what non-pay related perks are most attractive to them.

“You cannot prevent and prepare for war at the same time.” ~ Albert Einstein

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