Pay Attention to the “Back of the House”

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Pay Attention to the Back of the House
Do you want a more successful dental practice? Then take a look at your break room.

Hear me out: Your employees are integral to the success of your practice. They are your biggest asset. How happy they are with their position is directly related to how well they do on the job. Having said that, do you want to increase employee satisfaction?

Pay attention to them. Make them feel special. Acknowledge them. Do this in the break room….I’m serious!

Here are a few quick tips to do so:

  • Provide a quality “crash” facility for your staff. Make your break room a retreat.
  • Spring for low cost amenities like a CD player or iPod docking station, healthy plants, candles, comfortable furniture, and relaxing pictures on the walls.
  • A carton of flavored creamer buys more satisfaction than a jar of dry powder!
  • Consider some aromatherapy scents, a foot massager, or a warm paraffin hand bath.

Do you want to increase your practice income? Implement a few of these low-cost improvements and you will be the talk of the town by your own team. Because they know you care.

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