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by Dr. Ron Arndt

Distinguish Your Dental PracticeI was a much better patient than he was a practitioner.

Last week, I shared a story about an interesting 86 year-old gentleman, Mr. Larry Gould, and how he demonstrated kindness and caring in the way he “connected” with people, even total strangers. Within 24 hours of my publication, I received the following comment from a friend of mine in Texas, Mr. Jim Horgan, an Executive Financial Advisor:

Dear Dr. Ron,

Thanks for this latest installment. Part of the message I took away from Mr. Gould’s story relates to the notion that some practitioners just really don’t “care”. Let me share a brief story.

I recently changed dentists. I had stayed with my old dentist for nearly ten years. I guess I’m just the loyal type. I followed him around to three locations during that time. When I finally decided to leave, it wasn’t because the office spaces never really improved over the years. It wasn’t due to his lack of dental skills. It wasn’t because the same old tired, used equipment had been dragged around to three offices all in the same suburb, or that there were never any upgrades to new technologies. It wasn’t because he played guitar in a band on the weekends or that his “front desk” was staffed by his pony-tailed drummer (with a HUGE spider web tattooed on his neck). It wasn’t due to any lack of friendliness of the staff or the fact that baked cookie aroma never permeated the office.

I left because I finally realized that he just didn’t “care”. He treated his practice like a “job”. For example, I like to make my appointments for the “first thing” in the morning and I actually got tired of waiting in the hallways for the staff (and the doctor) to arrive and open the office for my 9:00 am appointments.

In the end, I realized that I had left because I was a much better patient than he was a practitioner. I’ll miss seeing them a bit I suppose, but my new dentist and his staff seem like the type that have undergone something more like your kind of coaching.

Jim Horgan

If this message does not resonate with you, I ask you to think again and re-read my original Mr. Gould story and then re-read Mr. Horgan’s clear message. Then, if you want to leave, Merry Christmas and enjoy this gift.

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