Passion and Dentistry

by Dr. Ron Arndt

The Dental Coach Full Contact Coaching™
Do those two words go together for you? Finding passion in our work is something that comes easy for some dentists. For others, it is nebulous. Passion is that great thing we feel when we are committed to something we love. Unfortunately, many people discover that passion at work has no place to blossom. They run into barriers — policies, procedures, technology. Unleashing passion is about fun!

How can you find passion in your work in your dental office?

  • Encourage silly questions and dumb ideas. Creativity is enhanced in environments where new, outrageous thinking is nurtured. Those “dumb” ideas are often the basis for greatly successful dental practices.
  • Share compliments with everyone. When people compliment your practice, make sure everyone – patients and staff – hears about it. Share the compliment with your staff by posting it on your bulletin board or sending out an e-mail. Excitement breeds excitement.
  • Give employees credit for the work they do. By heaping praise and acknowledgement on individual efforts and accomplishments you reduce turnover, gossip, and mediocrity.

Action step: Have more fun in your dental office to unleash your passions. In addition to the ideas above, what would make you feel great and energized about coming to work?

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