Owner? Mother? Champion?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice Champion
When someone owns a project, there’s a higher likelihood that that project will be taken to satisfactory completion.

As Henry J. Evans declared in his book Winning with Accountability, there is no “I” in team… And there are no “teams” in ownership.

Years ago, when coaching one of my dental practices, I was looking for an owner of a particular project and made the socially unacceptable request of asking for a “Mother” for the project. I was nearly tarred and feathered. I was accused of being sexist. “We don’t use “mother” to identify the owner of any project,” I was scolded.

My new Socially Acceptable term–– “Champion”.

For every project in our office we need to assign a “Champion”. This is the person who is ultimately responsible. The buck stops with the Champion.

While the Champion owns the ultimate outcome of the project, he or she may delegate every aspect of that project to other team members in order to have a successful outcome.

Who can Champion your next major project?

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