How to Open up your Patients Opportunity to Invest in Themselves

by Dr. Ron Arndt

In my last blog post I shared my philosophy for coaching around the belief that if we invest in ourselves, we must give our patients the opportunity to invest in themselves. Ask yourself and your dental team the following questions to start uncovering new opportunities:

  • What are you and your team doing to arouse curiosity, interest and desire in your current patients and potential guests to your practice?
  • What training have you provided your team to help them with their limiting beliefs around money and how this is discussed with your patients and guests?
  • How often are you practicing how to communicate with your patients and help your team understand the impact of what you say and how you say it?

Given the opportunity, I believe most people will make the “right” choice for themselves at the right time for them. Comprehensive care may take several years to complete, yet, think of how your practice will look and feel if you believe it is important to give your patients the opportunity to invest in themselves.

Here are a few tips guaranteed to help you open up your patients to invest in themselves:

  • Truly discover the wants and needs of your patient.
  • Listen way more than you speak.
  • Ask open-ended questions…avoid “yes” and “no” questions like the plague.
  • Direct your voice with direct eye contact.
  • Exude positive energy as problems are opportunities for your patients to invest in themselves.

“Making one person smile can change the world – maybe not the whole world, but their world.” – unknown

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