Your Numbers Intrigue Me!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Nope, you’ve got me wrong!

Venus vs Clara BowJust because I’m a guy, you are probably presuming I’m thinking about this…

Not so! I’m talking about the comments made to me by my cardiologist at my recent annual post-stress test visit last month. In 1988, I had a heart attack that should have killed me and yet, 26 years later, I am still here. Truly a gift from GOD! As part of that gift, I have learned the value of tracking my NUMBERS.

These numbers are very different from what you see in the photos. They are HEALTH NUMBERS. Regarding my health, they have to do with the numbers related to my blood serology, stress test results and my weight (OK, I guess you can throw in 1-10 as it relates to my good looks index).

I have discovered the world is full of “opinions,” “advice,” and “profundities”…however, the numbers tell the tale and the TRUTH! Here are some rather compelling NUMBERS as per my cardiologist’s report and discussion. I have compared my last year with this current year (worth your evaluation):

Weight 200 lbs. (too damn fat!) 175 lbs.
Height 5’8.5″ 5’8.5″ (still short!)
Blood Pressure 110/72 112/76
Heart Rate 72 bpm 72 bpm
BMI Calculated 30 kg/m2 (too damn high…morbidly obese) 26 kg/m2
(Normal range <200)
199 mg/dL (too high) 158 mg/dL
(Normal range >39)
51 mg/dL (too high) 49 mg/dL
(Normal range <130)
112 83 mg/dL
(Normal range <150)
182 mg/dL (way too high) 132 mg/dL
Time on treadmill 11.5 minutes 12 minutes

NumbersLet’s cut this medical verbose crap! At nearly 68 this is Great news! This is Kick-ASS! While no guarantees I will be here tomorrow, it is encouraging that I can remain in-service to my family and YOU for the foreseeable future. Even my “pudgy” prior weight can’t camouflage the real NUMBERS…numbers don’t BS.


  • My pudgy weight is down 12.5%!
  • My height remains the same – thank GOD I did not shrink this year! But I think my ears have grown bigger.
  • My BMI (Body Mass Index) is down 13.4%!
  • My Cholesterol is down 21%!
  • My Triglycerides are down 27.5%!
  • I lasted longer on the treadmill.
  • I “retired” and donated to Salvation Army 32 pairs of pants, 27 EXTRA large shirts, a dozen 40 inch belts, two bags of sweaters, T-Shirts, FAT-man pants & sweatshirts.


  • Fat-man Dr. Ron has lost 26 pounds in 66 days!
  • Fat-man Dr. Ron has reduced his belt size from 40 to 35! Awh, if I suck it in…a 34!
  • Fat-man Dr. Ron has now found himself fitting into T-shirts he purchased 9 years ago!
  • Fat-man Dr. Ron has gone from a 38 inch pant to a 34 ‘ish. 4 inches is HUGE…shhhhh!
  • Fat-man Dr. Ron has gone from a 48 plus sports jacket to a 42 and I can button it!
  • Fat-man Dr. Ron has gone from never playing a piano to playing like Billy Joel!
  • Fat-man Dr. Ron is more attractive to his Bride. (I never asked her to say this.)
  • Fat-man Dr. Ron receives compliments from his kids that he is not so “pudgy”.
  • Fat-man Dr. Ron feels better about himself.
  • Fat-man Dr. Ron will probably live longer and enjoy his family and the love in his life!

If you know of someone who would benefit from learning their numbers, please feel free to forward this along to them.


  1. Brynn says:

    Congratulations! and thank you for sharing!!
    We all want you healthy everyday! Keep it up … And please keep sharing your inspirational info and mentoring!!