Not All Dental Practices are Down

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Denise PritchettToday I had my dental recare visit  at my brother, Dr. Scott Arndt’s

office.  A delightful experience I must admit…not just because he is my brother.  Rather it is because he masterfully leads his practice with exceptional team members (Stephanie; Beth; Lisa; Julie; Ginnie; and Debbie) and creates an environment where patients feel like they are at “home”.  However, there is one lady that I want to acknowledge for her amazing efforts.  She is the one team member I did not list above:  It’s Denise.  As the Administrative lead to this practice and with the help of her team mates their new patient flow has grown; their collections are above industry averages; and 7 out of 8 months they have exceeded their practice production goals.  I’ve been told by others that there’s a recession going on!  What’s different in Dr. Scott’s office? 

His team!  And a talented Administrative person like Denise who lives, eats, and implements Dr. Scott’s Core Values & Vision.

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