No Kidding…I Didn't Know That

by Dr. Ron Arndt

ThinkerI feel every day is a gift and full of amazing “things”.    As such, I am accumulating interesting factoids that I want to share with you.  There is no real purpose for doing this………’s just fun and you will now have some amazing ideas to share at your next party; with your team; or with your family over dinner. 

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√ A 30-minute daily dose of humor (laughter) has the ability to lower heart risk.  Results of up to a 26 % increase in HDL (“good cholesterol); a drop of up to 66% in C-reactive protein, a marker for hear-harming inflammation by simply incorporating laughter. Lee Berk, DrPH at Loma Linda University, California 

Parents Stressing Out Kids’ Teeth: Scientists at Ohio State University discovered that the more stressed parents are, the more likely their kids are to have tooth decay. AGD Impact, July 2009 

Help with your weight::

overweight or obese exercisers burned off three more pounds and 7% more belly fat when they drank green tea instead of another beverage with the same calories.  Readers Digest, 2009 

Summer time and mosquitoes:

Place a dryer sheet in your pocket and it will keep the mosquitoes away. Dr. Ron—I tried it and it worked 

Compare your paycheck:  You know what you are making yet do you know what you “could” be making?  Go to ; ; or consider .    Readers Digest, May, 2009

What is the single-most important characteristic of being a good team player?  Meeting deadlines—40%; Avoiding politics—25%; Being pleasant to work with—20%; and supporting managers—13%.  USA

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TODAY Snapshots 

What sentence uses every letter of the alphabet? The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”    Now you KNOW you’re going to try this out for accuracy, right?

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