More Potential Signs that Your Practice May Be Killing You

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Yesterday I posted several of the “tell-tale” signs that your practice is overwhelming you. Here are a few more:

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  • Your energy level begins to fade, and you make excuses when you know you have not been taking care of yourself. You pass it off as something else.
  • You are too busy to play those “goofy” games with your kids, who are so hungry for your attention.

  • You read the newspaper or business journals when your spouse is talking to you because you have so much to catch up on. Then you fall asleep after twenty minutes, because you needed “just a little nap.”
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  • On a weeklong vacation, it takes three to four days to unwind. You feel like a new person for one or two days, then the tension builds again, welling up uncontrollably, tightening every muscle. Sunday nights are the worst.
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