Take a Look in the Mirror

by Dr. Ron Arndt

New Dental Practice Patient
Creating a practice culture of accountability begins with you…. the leader of the pack, the Dental CEO. It’s time for dental leaders to take the lead!

You – alone – are responsible for your practice culture.

There is no time to wait for team members to “wise-up.” It’s your responsibility to create a great culture in your dental practice.

I observe dentists in their practices pointing the finger at team members for lack of follow-through. However, after a close examination, I find that the responsibility often lies with the doctor. He or she has failed to clarify expectations up front and as a consequence, team performance is lacking.

Take back control of your practice by starting with a look in the mirror. A philosopher once said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

What are you going to change?


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