Making Exit Interviews Work For You

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Tips on How to Increase Team Accountability
People change. They change their goals, what’s important to them, where they live and where they want to go. Sometimes, that change means that the job they once loved at your dental practice is no longer a perfect fit for them.

It’s hard to let a team member go – especially when you valued their contribution. There is a right way to handle an employee’s exit, because, perhaps most importantly, you do not want to impact the team members who remain.

  • Always speak in positive terms. If you are in charge, someone is always paying attention to you. If you give everyone the same respect and treatment in your office – even the ones who are departing – employee’s trust in your leadership will grow.
  • Give people choices: Let them make a choice about how they will/will not say goodbye to others. This helps to honor them as a person.
  • Know the three questions to ask on the exit interview:
    o What did you most enjoy working in the office?
    o What reasons are you leaving? (There are usually several.)
    o What could I, as the Dental CEO, do better in the future?
  • Evaluate the results: Ask your coach to review the results of the exit interview with you. Your coach will be able to point out any consistent themes and help you take action to improve a condition of employment in your practice.
  • Add your alumni to a mailing list: Keep them regularly updated on the practice. Former employees are a surprising source of patient and employee referrals.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

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