Make the Change – FAST

by Dr. Ron Arndt

After I had my heart attack at 41, I decided to change everything in my life and immediately. Even though “experts” tell us to attack the low-hanging fruit first, take baby steps and handle the easy things first – I took an “explosive” strategy and made change right then, right there in my life and in my dental practice.

I didn’t have time to dilly-dally and make small, incremental changes every day. I quickly, but strategically, re-built my entire practice by firing and re-hiring employees; re-visiting my services list and developing my Core Values.  And guess what? It worked. (For more on these strategies, see my book here).

The point is that you cannot wait to make the change. You cannot wait until tomorrow, until January 1st, until your spouse gets a better job, etc. And you certainly, like me, cannot wait until you have a life changing heart attack.

·         Let go of the need to be “perfect”.  Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do.

·         Clear away all of the negative self-talk that you say to yourself when you think of making this change

·         Give up the need to please everyone, everywhere

When you decide that your dental practice is going to be the practice of your dreams, immediately make it happen. There is no sense in waiting around. . . .

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