Make Certain you Tell Them!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

During the past year my Sweetness and I attended a wedding to celebrate the marriage of the daughter of one of my long-time pals, Dr. Mike & Sandy. Additionally, in attendance were close friends I met while in dental school, Dr. Jeff Tilson and Dr. Mark Smilack. For nearly 40 years we have stayed “connected” because we had developed such a warm friendship.

We all “huddled” at the wedding and acknowledged how fortunate we are to have kept our relationship alive. As I find myself reflecting on the celebration, I feel it is very important to tell those special people in our lives just how much I value and appreciate them. I want to publicly thank Doctor’s Mike, Mark & Jeff for 39+ years of unwavering friendship!

Question for my readers: Whom do you need to make certain you tell how much you appreciate and value their impact in and on your life?

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