Lesson from The Dental Coash

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental office receptionist new patientsOn a recent coaching call, my client excitedly explained to me how a well-spoken, energetic patient offered to share ideas to help market my client’s practice. The gentlemen presented a list of discussion points such as branding techniques, how to target specific niches, adjustments to his website to make it more interactive along with SEO suggestions, in addition to other initiatives. To my horror, my client was enamored with the gentleman’s synopsis.

Why was I horrified you might ask? After all, the gentleman was offering up valuable and helpful advise to my client.

What I came to realize was that this list of ideas for implementation were specific strategies I currently provide in supporting many of my other clients. However, he was unaware that these kinds of marketing tools were part of my routine coaching.

How could that be? How would he not know of my ability to help him?

I missed the boat! I failed to educate my client(s) of my scope of expertise and, unfortunately, he thought he needed to reach out and find support elsewhere. BIG MISTAKE by the Coach!

Two points:

  1. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” I want to thank Dr.Tom for reminding me I need to do a much better job of informing all my clients on the range of services I have the capacity to provide.
  2. You may want to learn from my oversight and you and your team may want to take an inventory of ALL the services and talents you have available to your patients. Then make it a point to tell them, through every available medium you have at your disposal, of how you can better help and support their needs.

What steps are you prepared to take?

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