Laughter is the Antidote to Stress

by Dr. Ron Arndt


This past weekend our “Gourmet Dinner Group”

sat down to a wonderful meal.  This is a group of 10 people from all careers who come together for one purpose…to have fun and share fellowship.  While we discuss our political differences; we armchair quarterback (OSU got spanked…so sad); we listen to each others life challenges; and in general try to solve the problems of the world…the OPERATIVE word of our time together is FUN.

  Still in my walking boot to protect my slow-to-heal injury from my first Cardio Kickboxing class, I had the opportunity to get some psychological counseling from my dear friend and Psychologist, Dr. Ken DeLuca.  In spite of the aggravations; the temporary clumsiness; and my inability to dance, our Gourmet team reminded me of the importance of laughter built into every day.

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