Know When To Ask For Help

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Asking for help doesn’t mean that you have failed. It means that you were smart enough to ask for assistance. They do the same thing with their accountant or financial planner when they are way in over their head.

Many dentists come to a dental coach after they are already seriously in over their head. They wait until they already see a high turnover rate or until patients are writing negative reviews online. Successful Dental CEOs know that “no one is as smart as all of us” and to call for help early and often.

Dentists who hire professional coaches find that they are:

  • A more productive and successful dentist.
  • Able to convert their work effort into actual results.
  • Able to manage and control their dental practice better, rather than it controlling them.
  • Able to delegate effortlessly, while keeping accountability.

Here are the top 4 reasons that you should ask for help in your dental practice.

1.      Clarity: Find someone who gets your Core Values, priorities, skills and passions. When you have someone who is an expert on those things, you will become clearer about what you need to do. Having someone to bounce those ideas off of helps you gain the clarity you need to make informed decisions. You virtually eliminate confusion-related stress.

2.      Confidence: Asking for help gives you self-assurance, because someone is there to back you up. Having someone else’s pat-on-the-back gives you the ability to tackle the next problem with a positive approach.

3.      Control: The misconception is that if you ask for help, you relinquish control. It’s quite the opposite. By asking for help, you are still in control. You are in control over changing the conditions of your dental practice to organize it whichever way you want.

4.      Completion: By asking for help, particularly from a dental coach, you will gain accountability for your actions.

What steps will you take to get the help that you need?

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