Kindergarten for Dentists: Neatness Counts

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Remember in Kindergarten when being graded, and the teacher would say “Children, neatness counts!” It counts in your dental practice, too. When a patient reads your marketing material or comes into your office for an initial cleaning appointment, they are making observations about you. These can be unconscious observations; they may not even know they are forming them. But the fact is, they are. And your kindergarten teacher was right – neatness counts!

1.      Make it a habit to keep the reception area in your dental practice tidy, warm, clean and welcoming. While a pleasant reception area alone isn’t going to make a patient come back, it’s a sure bet that a messy and dirty one will make them not return!

2.      In all of your marketing materials, pay close attention to grammar and spelling. Have several people proofread the final versions. First impressions count!

3.      According to a 2010 study by Brother International Corp., office workers lose the equivalent of almost a week of work each year looking for files, online documents and office supplies. You do the math. The cost to your dental practice is astronomical. Makes sure that your own office is neat. If that’s not your area of expertise, bring in a professional organizer.

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