Kindergarten for Dentists: Learn Some, Think Some, Play Some, Work Some

by Dr. Ron Arndt

This was what we did in Kindergarten; it’s how we spent our days. A little of this, a little of that and a lot of perspective. The lesson for dentists to draw from this great Kindergarten principle is: Keep a sense of perspective and find balance in your life.

Your life should be more than just teeth. I learned the hard way in my early 40s that I needed work/life balance. I learned that I needed to spend more time with my wife, our incredible daughters and yes – myself. It took me a massive heart attack to understand that. (Learn more about my mistakes and my lessons in my book.)

My hope for you, my reader, is that you find that practicing dentistry is rewarding but know that there is much more to life than your work. You will never regret the extra time that you spend at your kid’s dance recital, on a romantic dinner date with your spouse or reading a great book on the porch.  So remember, in your daily life in your healthcare practice and at home – learn some, think some, play some, work some.

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