Learn How to Pick the Best Partners

by Dr. Ron Arndt

In kindergarten, we were often asked to pick a partner to work on a team with, for art projects or kickball. I used to simply pick out the prettiest girl with pigtails.

Assembling the right team is more important now in your professional life than it was on the playground. But how much attention do we really pay when selecting these team members or partners? You have to pick the right partner and team members to ensure the highest chance of success.

1.      Make a list of the ideal qualities that you want in an employee. Share this with your current employees; getting their opinion will provide front-line input.

2.      Be clear on your Core Values during the interview. Express them to the potential employee and be sure that he/she is aligned with them. Ask them to describe their own Core Values as well.

3.      Don’t simply pick the person who has the best resume. Resumes are just words on paper that say nothing about personality, drive and passion. Envision this person interacting with your staff and your patients – are they a good fit? How will they handle difficult situations?

When I was practicing dentistry, prior to my coaching career, I learned these lessons the hard way. In my book, Killing the Practice Before It Kills You: How Throwing Out My Business Model Saved My Life, I tell you, the reader, how to chose wisely and hire/retain the best dental employees. Visit my website for more info: www.killingthepractice.com

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