Kindergarten for Dentists: Have a Sense of Wonder

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Kindergarteners spend time wondering. They are never satisfied with what grown-ups tell them about life. They aren’t “okay” with the status quo. They wonder how high they can climb up the tree; how far they can ride their tricycle and how many insects they can collect before dinner. They know virtually no limitations.

As we grow up, we put limits on ourselves all of the time. We limit ourselves (and essentially limit our success) by saying that we don’t have enough money, that there is not enough time and that it’s impossible to find good employees. As adults, we push ourselves away from day dreaming because, well, that’s for kids!

What should you be wondering and day dreaming about?

  1. Wonder how you can make your practice better: What could you implement to make the practice more appealing? More comfortable? More well-recognized?
  2. Wonder how you can make your staff feel more appreciated: How can you tell your staff how much you love what they do for you?
  3. Wonder how you can acknowledge your patients: What unique things can you do to show them that you value that they chose you and not someone else?

There is more to life than what is within the 4 walls of your dental office. Explore and see what is beyond your practice. When I was a young dentist and suffered from a heart attack, my whole world abruptly changed. I used that seemingly desperate situation to turn it all around – for myself, my business and my family. (You can read more about that here:

There are many valuable lessons, for success and happiness. We just have to learn, see and think – like 5 year olds!

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