Kindergarten for Dentists: Encourage Others

by Dr. Ron Arndt

We “ooh” and “ahhh” over a 5-year old’s finger painting, but have a such difficult time acknowledging others for a job well done. What about when our appointment coordinator expertly juggles a busy patient schedule with no one being the wiser? Or when a long-time patient refers an entire family our way? It makes perfect sense to acknowledge those team members and patients who help us become successful Dental CEOs and practice owners.

Think about whom else you can encourage and show respect for. What about the dentist who “competes” with you in the neighborhood? Showing respect for teachers and other students was critical in our kindergarten days. How do you feel about it now?

Once a day, stop what you are doing and actually talk to someone who has done their job well. Acknowledge them and they will remember that feeling of appreciation.  That means that next time there is a difficult situation facing them, they will handle it with the utmost importance so they can receive the same recognition and “good feeling.”

Now, this next piece may seem like a totally crazy idea: If you do business with a great dental supply vendor, share that info with the dentist down the street. Share your knowledge with others and it will bring great rewards.

By encouraging others, you bring the goodwill to your practice and the community. This will (pleasantly) surprise some people! Let me know what reactions that you receive!

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