Kindergarten for Dentists: Don’t Be Lazy

by Dr. Ron Arndt

In some dental offices, there are differences among staff and a lot of unwillingness to help others. There are rivalries among team members. This rivalry is usually rooted in jealousy. People who have strong work ethics have little patience with those who have lesser work ethics. This pushes a lot of buttons. The more hardworking staff members get mad when the less hardworking staff members don’t do enough – they are simply being lazy. In Kindergarten, we are taught to not be lazy. If you are finished early with your work, you help someone else do theirs. Or you clean up the play area. Or you begin to work on your next project.

Ask your staff: When you have downtime, do you offer to help another hygienist or assistant? Instruct your staff that when there is downtime on the schedule, they are expected to assist others who are engaged in patient care. (Consider updating job descriptions to this effect.)

Encourage your staff to help each other out when there is downtime, just like your Kindergarten teacher taught you.

And, if you have to, fire all of your staff like I did….

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