Kindergarten for Dentists: Compliments and Criticism

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Sometimes our dental offices are not unlike kindergarten classrooms – tears, tattling, teasing. What about playing a game with your staff that allows them to be more perceptive of negative and hurtful behaviors?

This is a unique Kindergarten game that can be easily adapted to a dental practice as well. How about using this at your next Morning Huddle?

1.      Bring a bag of good quality chocolate candy, and a supply of tokens (poker chips work well) which the staff can barter.

2.      Gather the staff at a table and distribute 10 tokens to each member. 1 token is worth 1 piece of chocolate.

3.      Going around the table, each staff member makes a statement and the presents a token. The statement should thank someone for helping or for a special kindness that week, and then give a token to the person who performed the thoughtful act.

4.      After everyone has taken a turn, the Dental CEO allows the staff to cash in their tokens for chocolate. (To make it even more interesting, use the tokens as points for gift cards or other small, nice gifts)

Happily, most staff members will love recognizing and acknowledging the kind contributions of their colleagues. Hopefully – you will even see some staff members volunteer “extra tokens” if someone made an especially kind gesture!

This may seem like a silly kindergarten game, but you will notice how you staff clearly enjoys the role of giving praise. They will also be more motivated to receive it from others!

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