Kindergarten for Dentists – Watch For Traffic, Hold Hands and Stick Together

by Dr. Ron Arndt

This is a principle that most of us learned decades ago from our Kindergarten teachers, so how can that apply to our lives as dentists or other healthcare professionals? Think about that simple Kindergarten lesson in terms of your team….

1)      Watch for traffic: What does this mean to dentists? Watch for obstacles and challenges. Hold a “big umbrella” over your team, and cover them up when the rain comes down! As the leader/Dental CEO of your practice, it’s important to be the one who watches out for others, covers them up and waits for challenge to pass.

2) Hold hands: Again, as the leader of your practice, it’s important for you to be the one for your team to turn to. Give your team positive reinforcement, keep morale high and treat your employees well.

3)      Stick together: It’s inevitable those tragic life situations will come up – divorces, illness, death. When those tragedies arise, do what you can to support your team members. For example, have your other team members “donate” their vacation time to those team members, so they can take the proper time off and be covered.

The bottom line is, those lessons that we learned decades ago are the ones that we should keep with us as we move forward in our dental/healthcare careers, and beyond.

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