Kindergarten for Dentists – Start Slow

by Dr. Ron Arndt

What happens when you implement a new strategy into your practice? Kindergarten teachers always start with the basics and start slow when implementing a new lesson to their class. As healthcare professionals and Dental CEOs, we should also constantly evaluate how we communicate and how we implement new practices.

Just as it is a Kindergarten teacher’s responsibility to use “easy language”, simple methods and techniques that students understand; it is for business leaders, too. Building this commonality in your practice will completely eliminate confusion, frustration and stress.

So how can you implement new strategies into your practice “the easy way”? When I killed my practice after my heart attack, subsequently fired and re-hired some of my staff, there was a large learning curve for my team. Things were going to be different, and they knew it. How did I avoid overwhelming them and creating a tense environment?

Use these three strategies:

1.      Create a bond and alliance with your team: Create a strong feeling of “team” so that they know they can always rely on you.

2.      Use easy-to-understand terms: Use Open-Book Management practices, explain slowly and never be in a rush. Let them know you have ample time to answer questions.

3.      Listen and adapt: Pay attention to what they say, and what they don’t say.

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