Kindergarten for Dentists – Play Fair

by Dr. Ron Arndt

In kindergarten, we are taught to “Play fair” by showing respect for each other, giving praise to our peers and not being boastful. Those are important life traits that we learn so early. How can we relay that information in our lives as not only adults, but doctors?

1. Show acknowledgment and praise for others in the community: Celebrate the successes of other local businesses that are improving and thriving in the community. Sending a congratulatory note when they expand business or have an anniversary is a polite gesture that shows your support and community unity.

2. Do not speak badly of another dentist’s work: If a patient comes in with work done by a previous dentist, remember to be professional and address the problem and the solution. Finding fault with their work (even if it’s true) and generally disparaging them are behaviors that have no place in your dental office. In all likelihood, that particular doctor is probably a lot like you – educated, committed, trying hard to treat his or her patients with the best oral health care. So, bury any negative comments.

3. Do not boast to patients that you are “the best.” They will find this out for themselves if you treat them well, take great care of their oral health and make the overall experience in your office a pleasant and positive experience. In other blogs, I constantly talk about how to make sure you stand out from the competition, learn what makes your dental services superior, etc.

Remember that arrogance, selfishness and conceit have no place in life or in your dental office

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