Kindergarten for Dentists – Celebrate Others

by Dr. Ron Arndt

In kindergarten, birthdays are the biggest deal in the world. There are sweet treats, decorations, things to play with and an overall atmosphere of fun. How often do you experience that much “fun” in your dental office? How do you celebrate birthdays, workplace anniversaries or Dental Hygiene Month (October)? What about routine things like your Morning Huddles and Monthly Team Meetings – do they feel joyful?

Creating small, but meaningful ways to celebrate in the office results in happier employees. As Dental CEOs, we know that this translates into high morale, low turnover, high patient satisfaction and so on. Here are my 3 tips for celebrating in the workplace:

1.      Instead of bringing in the usual muffins and juice to a morning meeting, think about making it a little more special. Mix orange juice with non-alcoholic spritzer for fun drinks, and have the bakery decorate the treats with bright frosting and sprinkles.

2.      Give gifts to recognize workplace anniversaries, birthdays and other milestones. They do not have to be expensive. Gifts are more meaningful when picked out especially for the recipient; something that does not feel generic. If it’s impossible for the doctor to do this due to time constraints, ask the employee’s closest workplace friend for ideas.

3.      Have fun at your Morning Huddle meetings by bringing in inexpensive noisemakers and trinkets to team meetings. This encourages creativity – you will be surprised at the great ideas that your staff brings to the table when they are in a light, creative mood!

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