Kindergarten for Dentists – Act Civil

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Our Kindergarten teachers taught us not to hit people…. I broke that rule a time or two. (Ask me about it sometime!). What our teachers were really trying to tell us is to always act civil. Unfortunately, many of us “grown-ups” have yet to learn this important life lesson.

1.      Apologize if you hurt someone’s feelings: An apology should be explicit, genuine and always done in private.

2.      Take a breath: If you feel “rage” coming on at a vendor who messed up your order (again), take a breath and back away from the phone.

3.      Treat everyone with dignity, courtesy and respect: Don’t keep people waiting. Don’t engage in attacks on other dentists when a patient comes in complaining about someone else’s faulty work. Don’t “fly off the handle” at staff. What if they are having a problem at home?

4.      Know that everyone is significant: In your dental career, you will meet many different people – staff, vendors, patients, other healthcare professionals. Know that everyone is significant and deserves your attention and care, even if all you offer is a smile and a hello.

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