Killing The Practice Before It Kills You

by Dr. Ron Arndt

….”Oh, what a negative title for your book” I heard from one dentist who went on to tell me how hard he has worked for over 30 years to create a positive image for our profession.

Interesting I said to him….the same man who has had over 30% turnover for most of his 30 years in practice: “hell, it’s tough to find GOOD help these days” he tells me.

…the same doctor who decided to do most of his prophy’s himself and save the cost of paying for a hygienist.

…the same doctor who says all these patients only want “cheap dentistry” and they aren’t willing to pay for it.

…the same dentist who told me: “my front desk GIRL (Office Manager) has been with me nearly all 30 of my years in practice and I can’t get he to do anything right.”

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Whoa, I’m not certain I would want to Kill the Practice but rather………..well, rather than state the obvious,

what do you think?

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