Keep It Simple, Silly

by Dr. Ron Arndt

There are times when we dentists are blind to the obvious solutions to our problems. We run around in circles looking for a complex solution because we just know that there must be a better answer. It “just can’t be this easy.”

The simple strategies that you need to build a sustainable practice and enjoy work/life balance have been around forever. As THE DENTAL COACH©, I work with clients to help them implement these simple solutions to their practice problems:

Be objective: Approach problems in your dental practice with objectivity. If that continues to be too difficult, think of your situation as if it was a colleague – how would you tell your buddy to handle it?

Seek help: Turn to your dental coach or professional advisor and be ready to hear constructive criticism. Be sure that you ask them not to circumvent the issue, and emphasize that you’re seeking honest feedback. If this person tells you things that you may not want to hear – like you have a larger role in the problem than you think –  make sure to listen. They are on to something.

Get off the chair: I am currently trying to lose a few pounds. I won’t be able to do this if I avoid exercising. I have to develop good habits and do a little each day.  Think of that when you are trying to solve problems in your dental practice: you must always be working towards something.

So, next time a problem pops up: take the emotion out of it and be objective, be ready to listen to your advisors and start moving towards improvement!

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