Keep a Routine

by Dr. Ron Arndt

In Kindergarten, our daily routines included nap time, juice time and play time. While there are simply not enough hours to do this as dental professionals, keeping a daily routine is extremely important to your success.

1.      Set up a time daily to prepare proactively for the next day: I suggest that this is the end of the day. 15 minutes, no matter what. Review the patients that you have scheduled for the next day and any outstanding team issues. When reviewing the patients, this is a great time to remember something personal about them that you want to ask them about – just another way to show great service and how much you care about them as a person.

2.      Plan with your team: Never skip Morning Huddles or Monthly Meetings, no matter how busy you are. They are integral to your success, team unity and future productivity. This also shows, to your team, that these meetings are a large responsibility in their job description, and ensures that they won’t take them lightly either.

3.      Recognize that things may not always go your way: Someone will call off sick, a patient won’t show up, etc. However, if you have planned for these unexpected moments, your daily schedule can go off without any major bumps in the road. There will be no chaos, confusion and running around.

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