Job Title: Dental Hygienist and Ambassador

by Dr. Ron Arndt

New Dental Practice Patient
As a Dental CEO, how well have you combined the talents of individuals into a team? Research shows that people who work on teams are happier in their jobs, produce higher quality work and increase customer satisfaction. People need other people around them to achieve the goal of growing the dental practice.

Make all employees an Ambassador to your dental office.

Successful dental practices make selling everyone’s job. Selling is about being a positive Ambassador for the practice, both in and out of the office. Every member of the team is selling themselves and the practice to their customer—the patient. It is through marketing the benefits found in your dental practice that the business grows while generating the profits to compensate the doctor and team.

Action step: List and review every type of service you provide, ie: Cosmetic Whitening or Invisi-lign. Once you have the list, answer these two questions:

  • What will your team do to let your patient base know what you have to offer?
  • How will you measure your efforts as a team?

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