It's coming up on 35 years…so big deal?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Sweetness and I will “soon” be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary in July.

  Due to travel and time challenges our two daughters Ashley & Brianne and my son-in-law Jude

surprised us with a special time with just the 5 of us togetherSo, what’s the big deal?

  There are “lots” of adult children you know who have planned special surprises for their parents.  So what?  (oh really????)  Kids all over the country acknowledge their parents for a life of love; attention; family; and connection (oh really????).  So what was the value to Trish & Ron when our children acknowledged our sense of family…our connection together…our love for each other? 

The value was and is……PRICELESS!

Jude-Mom-Dad-Ashley in back & Brianne

Jude-Mom-Dad-Ashley in back & Brianne

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