Is Your Dental Practice Participating In This Easy, Inexpensive Marketing Strategy?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

How did you get your last referral? How did you thank them?

Asking for referrals is the single most effective, inexpensive way to add new patients to your practice and generate more income. So, how high is “generating new referrals” on your priority list? I tell my Full Contact Coaching© clients to never confuse motion with action. As dentists, we often have wonderful intentions to generate more patient referrals; however, we get bogged down with other areas of the practice –and we never create that referral program.

  1. Involve your team: Set aside a specific Monthly meeting with your team to create the strategies, develop the scripts and fine-tune the communication skills that will boost your referrals. As I always suggest, ask your team members for ideas and get them involved. If they are treated as more of a partner and less of an employee; they will act more like a partner.
  2. Set a referral goal: You should also have a tracking system in place to monitor your referral requesting success. Work to exceed your goal month over month.
  3. Implement an incentive program for referrals:

    This should be a thoughtful, unique program. I always recommend including a handwritten note from you and/or a staff member. Review and revamp this program on an annual basis. When gifting your patients, this is not the place to be cheap, my friends!

  4. Don’t forget about team members: Reward and recognize them for generating referrals of family and friends to the business, too. Your team is your street marketing team!
  5. K.I.S.S.:

    One of my favorite strategies is the K.I.S.S. principle (affectionately known as: Keep it Simple, Stupid). Don’t forget the little things – like always carrying your business card to hand out.

What are you going to do this week to generate more referrals?

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