Increase Profits to Your Dental Practice by Investing In One Thing

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice Success TipsTraining! A knowledgeable and competent staff attracts new patients and sustains relationships with current patients. Thus, investing in continuing education is a wise move for the doctor and the practice. To stay ahead, doctors, hygienists, chairsides, and administrative auxiliaries must learn new technology, pharmacology, clinical techniques and professional practice standards.

Great technical skills, however, are not enough to run a great practice. They simply aren’t, and many talented dentists find that out the hard way. Dental practice management expert Walter Hailey claims that 85% of the reasons a patient chooses a dental practice have nothing to do with the doctors clinical skills. It has everything to do with the “soft skills” that are the most valuable and most undervalued in your practice. Patients have high expectations about their dental care. Team members need soft skills to better manage those expectations.

Why not train your team – clinical and administrative – to be great at customer service? Everyone on the team must know and follow standards of excellent “customer service”:

  • be savvy communicators
  • manage the uncertainty of change
  • be experts at handling difficult patients and situations
  • know how to go above and beyond for patients

Handling the changing and dynamic needs of patients means that team members must be willing to learn or re-learn the areas that are the most valuable to your practice.

Here’s a tip and action step for you! Demonstrate a commitment to continuing education components. Encourage staff members to learn new technology and dental practices. Consider adding paid training and professional development as a benefit to your team. Bring in a customer service trainer and treat the team to lunch.

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