Increase Your Income with Only Four Quarters!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

The Four Quarter Technique
When I visit the offices of my Full Contact Coaching© clients, I hear from team members that the #1 challenge in their offices is that their boss does not value or appreciate them. I hear from the doctors that they want to increase their practice revenue and therefore, their income.

My solution for both of those problems? Use the “Four-Quarter Technique”.

Here it is: Put four quarters in your right pocket. Every time you acknowledge someone on your team for a great effort, move a quarter from your right pocket to your left. Don’t leave the office for the day until all four quarters are in your left pocket. Repeat daily.

The result: incredibly motivated team members and a higher income! My action step and challenge to you? Try the Four Quarter Technique this week. . . Tell me what you think!

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