I’m Sick of The Phrase “Challenging Economic Times”

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dr Ron The Dental Coach
It is way too often that I hear “Oh, the economy is so crappy” and “Oh, the circumstances are out of my control.”

I am not insensitive to the fact that this is an interesting economic environment we live in today. However, I am insensitive to people who make excuses and pass the blame. Truthfully, that kind of blaming conversation is a smoke screen for looking in the mirror!

It doesn’t make as much of difference what is happening outside of your practice walls or what is happening in the stock market. Rather, the real issue is: What are you doing to make it better? Yes, you! The one leading the dental team!

I am going to step off my soapbox for a minute. I, too, used to make up excuses and place the blame. When I was 41, I suffered a heart attack and began to see things in perspective. When I realized that it was my attitude and my shortcomings that were causing the negativity and stress, my entire career changed. I made a decision and began reciting a mantra:

If it’s to be, it’s up to me.

Accordingly, I challenge you, my friend, to look in the mirror before you look at the marketplace. What are you doing to control the things you can control and let the other stuff take care of itself?


  1. Dr. Alex says:

    I like to think this comment is mostly true, especially in the dental profession. I have, in fact, found that the economy has had little impact on my practice. We have stayed flexible and modified our practice as the economic environment changes.

    To a degree, dentistry is somewhat “recession-proof” as there are always things that occur to patients that require attention. The other thing I find is that, at least with patients in my geographical area, maintaining optimal dental health is something that can be done with a relatively small financial outlay and I believe they feel good about having this in their control when so many other things seem to be beyond their control.

    I suppose there may be varying experiences by dentists who practice in other parts of the country and in other socioeconomic environments. It would be interesting to hear from others with different experiences.