Dr. Ron’s Real-Life Service Blog: How to Identify Your Core Values

by Dr. Ron Arndt

I’ve got an amazing short story about one of my talented clients who got to discover just how powerful his Core Values are to the leadership of his practice.

dental practice managementDr. Tom Valo and his team have integrated his Core Values into the fabric of how they treat their patients and he recently received this totally unexpectedly note.

When you think Core Values are a bunch of crap and some goofy MBA nonsense project, re-read how this patient values his dentist’s values and how they are thankful for their doctor’s commitment to personalizing their care to his patients. Notice how the patient used Dr. Valo’s Core Values to explain how they have impacted their life.

creating core values

What are your practices belief’s? Does your team know them? How about those you get to serve? Below are some ideas to help create your own practice Core Values:

How to Identify Your Core Values
dental practice core values

  1. A core value is something I have chosen freely and with consideration for the consequences of my choice.
  2. A core value is something I prize greatly and has a positive influence on my life.
  3. A core value is something I want to publicly affirm.
  4. A core value is something I am willing to act on.
  5. A core value is something I would repeat…if given the circumstances, I would respond in the same way.

Core Values are the Guiding Principles around which I will make ALL my business (and personal) decisions. It is what I view as ‘right’ and ‘true’.

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