Ideas on Branding

by Dr. Ron Arndt

As a follow up to last weeks post today I’d like to share lessons learned from Dr. Brunetti that can apply to your business or practice.

If they know your name…you have a BRAND.

Brand is an idea that you own in the mind of the market.

The Dr. Brunetti BRAND (replace with your name) is what the customer thinks!

dental business marketingWhat Do You Bring To The Party?

  • What do you have that is UNIQUE? Or what are you doing that makes you stand out?
  • How will you articulate that uniqueness well?
  • What will you do to be relentless in making multiple, quality impressions?

Customers want relationships. Give it to them.

Best way to create a brand advantage – do one thing better than anyone on the planet.

  • Stand out
  • Declare your market
  • Stick to it
  • Dominate tightly defined markets

Branding is a matter of personality – wrap your personality around your business.

What brand does your image stir? How can you create your own BRUNETTI Brand?


  1. Fabulous post! You CAN bottle that kind of branding, Dr. Ron, or at least you can duplicate it! Doing those extra little things in a practice only requires some thought, a little research, and the willingness to try. Often the small things that make a patient’s experience extra-special are inexpensive and easy to do. I have clients who keep hot, moist wash cloths in a slow cooker for patient’s faces at the end of an appointment (heavenly), or keep heated throws on hand to cover them in warm, softness (heaven again). Did you know that adult patients like getting a “prize” just like kids? (Starbucks gift cards, flashlights, purse mirrors, etc.). There are many ways you can add to your already superb healthcare that make a patient experience unique and memorable. Just be willing to try.