I can do it all on my own!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Who are you kidding? There seems to be something with we dentists that we believe we are so smart or so wise or so talented that we can do all the things needed to be successful…and we can do it without any help or guidance. I know you are probably saying this Dental Coach is talking to the wrong guy/gal…I am good at most stuff. While that may be so, notice the operative word “most”. Most implies there are some things you (we) may not be so good at. Let me ask you these questions to determine if you are good at all things:

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  1. What kind of business training have you had around: RIGHT HIRING; setting up your accounting system; HR issues; reading a diagnostic financial statement; when is the best time, if at all, to bring in an associate; how to set fees; differentiate marketing from advertising; cash flow forecasting; industry benchmarks for P&L line items; appropriate community involvement; hiring family; comprehensive financial planning; how to use BBI (behavior based inquiry) to your hiring, employee relations, and patient case presentations; IT systems; and the list goes on.
  2. How is your life going…family dynamics; spousal or significant other (Al & Tipper Gore after 40 years?); estate planning; raising kids; personal spirituality; home ownership; how much personal debt is appropriate for you; vacations…enough of them?

What would it mean if you had some support with any number of these issues…if, of course you didn’t have all the answers from the beginning? I thought I was so smart. Really I was stupid.

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The result of this “I can do it all on my own thinking”…a heart attack at 41. I remind you that even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.

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